GSI Research




 Maui, HI Master Planning, Campus Repositioning   Currently Engaged

 Newton, MA Master Planning   Currently Engaged

 Lisbon, OH Market and Consumer Research, Campus repositioning  Currently Engaged 

Seattle, WA   Master Planning, Campus Repositioning Currently Engaged 

Lincoln, NE  Master Planning, New Campus  Currently Engaged 

 Seattle, WA  Master planning, development, campus expansion  Currently engaged


Palo Alto, CA  Market research  Currently engaged 

 Seattle, WA  Campus repositioning Under construction 

Newton, MA  Market research, new development  Completed 2017 


Seattle, WA  Campus repositioning   Under construction

 Boulder, CO  Market research, new development Completed 2016 

Orlando, FL  Master planning, campus repositioning (5 communities) Completed 2016 

 Ripon, CA  Market research, campus  repositioning  Completed  2016

 Cardiff-by-the-  Sea, CA  Market research, new  development  Completed  2016

 San Francisco, CA  Market research, campus  repositioning  Completed  2016

 Oakland, CA   Market research, campus  repositioning   Completed  2016

 Los Angeles, CA  Market research, campus repositioning   Completed 2016

 Seattle, WA  Marketing and sales support Completed 2016